Look & Learn Class: Sslays x Aj’s Doll house

Look & Learn Class: Sslays x Aj’s Doll house

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Date: December 9th at 10:00am

Want to learn how to install a lace front wig like a professional? Sign up for Sslays & Aj's Look & Learn Lace Class: Scarborough, Toronto class HERE. Become your own boss, create your own schedule, and learn/touch up on a skill.

Class will cover and include the following:

  • Lace Customization (Bleaching and Plucking)
  • Lace Tinting
  • Wig Foundation
  • The Bald Cap Method
  • Lace Application
  • Baby Hairs & Styling
  • A Small Kit and Certificate of Completion 

Completely beginner-friendly and great for existing stylists looking to further their skills. Learn more about what this class includes HERE